Special Enforcement & Emergency Response – Level VI

This team also draws from active and retired members of Law Enforcement agencies such as Police, Sheriff, and SWAT Teams.  Retired Secret Service, FBI, and U.S. Military staff members are available upon request.

These high-caliber professionals are specially trained to deal with civil unrest, and possess extensive experience in riot control.

They also provide commercial and residential security services during times of natural disaster such as fire, flood, and earthquake.  Their efforts are coordinated through City, County, State, and Federal Fire and Law Enforcement agencies.

  • Uniformed and Plain Clothed
  • BSIS California Guard Card
  • BSIS Armed Guard
  • First Aid trained and certified
  • CPR trained and certified
  • Defibrillator trained and certified
  • Pepper Spray equipped
  • Baton equipped
  • Arresting powers
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